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Red House Rising

Jul 29, 2021

It's October, 1942. WWII is raging in Asia and the Pacific. The U.S. Navy has more than recovered from Japan's attack at Pearl Harbor the year before and is doing real damage to the Japanese Fleet. In Hawaii, everyone remains under martial law, while influential Japanese-Hawaiian men are held in camps with a growing number of Japanese POWs. Jo McMenamy flies for the Office of Naval Intelligence out of Honolulu, and her special knowledge of the Pacific islands has been crucial. In China, Alice and Li-ang initiate a daring plan to unify their country once the Japanese have been driven out. Mike finds himself deeply involved when he’s recruited to fly for the O.S.S., the U.S. Army's new spy agency, operating in China for the first time. Prince Nik Nikura is in war-torn Japan on the Southern island of Shikoku doing what he can for the people of his ancestral estate. Starvation runs rampant, and younger and younger men are pressed into military service.  

Red House Rising was Produced, Written, Directed, and Edited by Chris Côté and Dayle Kerry. 

Original Music and Sound Design by Jack Côté.